Our Connection

We work best as an extension of your institution — helping you achieve your goals.



Your institution is rising to the challenge of helping all students be successful. But are you moving the needle on outcomes for all students, maximizing performance-based funds or realizing your teaching-centered mission? We can help create an institutional culture where new thinking takes hold and campus initiatives extend to the learning environment.

For us, a teaching culture is one of continuous improvement and change, which is hard to truly foster. The Faculty Guild fellowships provide our faculty a space to reflect and grow as teaching professionals.
— Dr. Clifton Sanders, provost for academic affairs at Salt Lake Community College

Faculty Members

You know your connection with students is paramount to their success. Do you want to join your colleagues (whether across campus or across the country) and be part of a thriving community focused on evidence-based teaching for today’s students? With your institution’s sponsorship, we can help you invest in yourself, so you can invest in your students.

This is the best professional development activity I have ever joined. We are doing something in a sustained way. We are learning from our own practice, from our own colleagues and it sticks. I love this.
— Bed Paudyal, language arts instructor at Honolulu Community College

Teaching and Learning Centers

Some centers offer a full menu of programs but struggle to generate meaningful evaluation data. Others cater to new faculty, but sometimes overlook faculty who are later in their careers. While others have no programming at all for part-time faculty or graduate students. We are flexible and can complement your center’s resources and priorities.

Our goal was to have a discourse informed by the research and science of teaching and learning. To get the conversation off the ground, we needed a common language and data. It is clear that Faculty Guild is helping us create this culture.
— Dr. Jane Neapolitan, assistant provost in the office of academic innovation at Towson University