Is this for you?

Fellows come in various forms,
but they all favorably respond to these questions:


Do you enjoy connecting with other faculty members?

Teaching can be isolating and you could use a little community in a way that isn’t threatening or competitive.


Are you curious about evidence-based teaching practices?

Maybe you are already using them. Maybe you don’t know what to call them. Maybe you’ve never heard of them. All good. We’ll do it together.


Do you want to improve by doing, instead of passively participating?

Rather than being told what to do, you want to explore your own development, on your own time.


Do you want to track your teaching approaches and improvement?

Through a fellowship, you’ll develop a teaching profile that will show you which instructional practices you turn to naturally and which ones you may need to explore more deeply. There isn’t a right way – just your way.


Are you able to make a weekly commitment?

By signing up, you know you are making a commitment to your own teaching practice and the development of your peers.