Founding Fellows Complete a Year of Reflection and Collaboration with Faculty Guild

Celebrating Milestones

Last month, we were thrilled to acknowledge the founding group of Faculty Guild fellows that completed a year-long fellowship! Representing Immaculata University, Montgomery College and Towson University, the cohort included full-time faculty, part-time faculty and graduate students in a range of disciplines, including allied health, biology, chemistry, communications, computer science and English. 

This group began their Faculty Guild journey in the spring of 2018, committing to an extended and sustained practice of reflection, collaboration and community-building across disciplines with fellows from other institutions.

“There are a lot of layers to the benefits,” said Soyini Richards, Ph.D., adjunct professor of psychology and faculty associate for the Institute for Part-Time Faculty Engagement & Support at Montgomery College. “Networking, exposure to new approaches, reflecting, getting constructive feedback—we rarely get that for what we do every week. It can be very enlightening. It will change how I teach in the future.”

Reflection Creates Lasting Change

In contrast to traditional workshops or stand-alone online modules, the Faculty Guild approach focuses on building a habit of reflection over multiple terms to spur lasting and significant change. “A fellowship can be hard work, and that’s why we are so proud of our inaugural cohort,” said David Yaskin, CEO and founder of Faculty Guild. “The feedback we’ve gotten from this group has been a powerful driver for the work we do every day.”

For two terms, fellows worked together online in small groups called “Teaching Circles.”  Each week, they authored a detailed reflection about a recent teaching experience—with each reflection serving as the basis for further analysis, evidence-based practice alignment, peer commentary and idea generation. Currently, faculty from more than 35 institutions are participating in the spring 2019 term.

“Completing this milestone is one important step toward continued success for this stellar group of faculty,” said Emma Zone, Ed.D., senior vice president of academic operations and innovation for Faculty Guild. “We are proud to have been alongside them during this part of their teaching-success journey.”