Harford Community College: Building a Reflective and Data-Driven Culture

“It’s clear that Faculty Guild is helping reinforce our campus culture of self-reflection and data-informed decisions—helping us all get better at serving our students.” 

— Elizabeth Mosser, associate dean for academic operations at Harford Community College

In 2018, Harford became a member of Achieving the Dream, a national network of community colleges seeking to advance student success. Informed by its own data, the institution has been evaluating and adopting broad-scale ideas to best support the 21st-century learner.

One of these ideas has been aimed at meeting students where they are by creating teaching and learning environments that are flexible and mindful of the students being served. “A theme that crosses both our strategic plan and our work with Achieving the Dream is the need to help our faculty create active and flexible learning environments for our students,” said Mosser.

“We started to learn about Faculty Guild at a time when we were undergoing a self-reflection process and beginning to look at our data with Achieving the Dream,” said Mosser. “We wanted to find a way to encourage a similar self-reflection process with our faculty, and, as a result, we wanted to encourage them to be iterative in their own thinking and be committed to continuous improvement.”


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