Faculty Guild Expands Online Learning Community Platform for Fall 2019 Academic Term

New features designed to enhance faculty engagement with each other, hot topics and academic resources

The fall term is here, and we are excited to welcome faculty from nearly 60 institutions to our Reflective Teaching Fellowship™. Throughout the term, fellows will access the Faculty Guild platform to interact with their peers, either across campus or across the country.  

Since a big part of the fellowship includes asynchronous communication, we spend a lot of time understanding how our fellows want to engage with one another in order to have the most productive and valuable professional development experience possible. We’re excited to introduce new functionality to our platform, including:  

Expanded community focus

Previously, fellows were mostly engaged with other fellows in their Teaching Circle. Now, fellows and post-fellows can connect easily with others from their institution, academic discipline or other networks. This new functionality opens up more opportunities for connections within and across our learning communities and increases the exposure to the great work of our fellows. 

Forum-like discussions focused on hot topics in Higher Education

In our conversations with faculty, a frequent theme is the lack of a space (and time) to continue discussions outside of the weekly reflection period with their peers about things like using OER, assessment techniques, adaptive learning and more. This new functionality fosters ongoing discussions in a national network that spans nearly 60 institutions and faculty teaching more than 35 disciplines, including science, mathematics, English, health sciences and business.  

Adaptive resource suggestions based on fellowship activity

Faculty today have more access to resources about evidence-based teaching than ever before, but it’s difficult and time consuming to find high quality resources applicable to an individual’s needs. Our platform includes a library of expert-vetted resources about our framework of evidence-based instructional practices, including videos from The K. Patricia Cross Academy, exemplar reflections and ideas from fellows. Our resource library now includes a powerful recommendation engine to surface materials that align with the specific needs of a fellow’s teaching goals, pedagogical analyses, practice inventory as well as their institution’s goals.

Enabling faculty members to work together to solve hard problems is at the core of our mission. We are excited about these recent enhancements to our learning community platform and look forward to having a successful term with our fellows.