Faculty Guild Supports Faculty from Nearly 60 Higher Education Institutions in Fall Academic Term

Reflective Teaching Fellowship Gives Faculty the Time and Space to Evolve Their Teaching Approaches in Response to Academic Innovation Efforts, Including Open Educational Resources, Adaptive Courseware and First-Year Experience Courses

ARLINGTON, VA. — October 2, 2019 — Faculty Guild, an educational technology organization focused on empowering faculty communities to embrace evidence-based methods to help more students succeed, announced today that faculty members from nearly 60 institutions will join its Reflective Teaching Fellowship for the fall 2019 academic term — double the number of institutions from a year ago. 

Institutions are investing time and resources to introduce new structures, practices and technologies to foster student success. Often, the result of these innovation efforts depends on faculty who are central to the academic experience. For faculty to embrace these initiatives, they need an opportunity to explore and practice the skills that lead to sustained improvements in instruction and reflective practice. 

“Faculty Guild helps institutions pilot, measure and scale programs to engage faculty in student success,” said David Yaskin, CEO of the company. “Our partner institutions are asking us to accelerate their innovation investments — like using open educational resources or teaching with adaptive courseware — by helping faculty consider what these new ideas mean to their daily teaching. We are excited by the opportunity to help our partner institutions move their important student success efforts forward.”  

This fall, nearly 60 institutions will have faculty members participate in online learning communities facilitated by Faculty Guild, including: 

  • State University of New York (SUNY): A state-funded project to improve student outcomes by accelerating the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) will engage faculty from across the system as they incorporate new teaching and learning materials. 

  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College: As part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, Bluegrass will engage faculty who are teaching both general education and technical courses as part of its SACS Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to improve essential skills  in students — specifically professionalism, civility and inclusiveness. 

  • Every Learner Everywhere: A network of 12 partnering organizations is engaging with faculty from two-year and four-year institutions to adopt and further their use of adaptive courseware technology. Faculty who are leading course redesigns recognize that technology is just one component. Discussions and reflections regarding the faculty members’ roles in creating an active learning environment will be supported through this partnership with Faculty Guild. 

The Faculty Guild community is made up of full-time and part-time faculty members teaching in 35 disciplines, including science, mathematics, English, health science and business. The community consists of new and mid-career faculty members from four-year and two-year institutions.  

Institutions sponsor faculty to take part in the Reflective Teaching Fellowship, which is designed to enhance evidence-based teaching practices, bolster reflective teaching skills and speed up academic innovations. The fellowship lasts one or two academic terms.  

About Faculty Guild

Faculty Guild® believes higher education can address hard challenges, especially helping more students succeed, when fostering an environment for faculty to co-construct a way forward. When supported well, faculty are powerful student-success game changers — made stronger by learning from each other, building a shared vision and improving together over time. We power structured, accountable online learning communities to support faculty growth tied to academic innovation initiatives. Most institutions engage their faculty community through our Reflective Teaching Fellowship, which is designed to enhance the use of evidence-based teaching practices. Our approach has been tested by hundreds of faculty members and is based on more than six years of research, originally led by Dr. Gail Mellow. For more information, please call 844-776-3374, or visit www.facultyguild.org.