Helping to Build the Teaching Success Movement

Teaching Success is Student Success

Through our previous efforts at Starfish Retention Solutions, Blackboard and Complete College America, we have partnered with thousands of higher-ed institutions on their student success initiatives. We are honored and inspired by the work.

We’ve learned that faculty are not given enough credit for their impact on students and their success. In fact, when faculty are included in the student success “conversation,” it is often done with a deficit perspective – what they aren’t doing or what they won’t do.

Empowering the Change Agents

At Faculty Guild we see things differently. We believe faculty are the most powerful change agents. Faculty have the most contact with students — week in, week out. They want to do the right thing by their students, especially by conveying their deep content knowledge in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of chemists, mathematicians or writers and, most importantly, global citizens. 

An October 2018 survey completed by the Chronicle for Higher Education reports that “out of four key tasks that contribute to a faculty member’s workload — teaching, mentoring students, doing service work, and conducting research — teaching stood out as being satisfying for the largest share [of faculty].” 

Great Teaching Matters

We are on a mission to empower faculty to be change agents for purposeful teaching — not only in the classroom but also through a large network of faculty nationwide. Our goals are not small. In fact, we see it as a movement. We call it the Teaching Success Movement. We need the partnership of courageous leaders from higher-ed institutions, the help of supportive foundations and non-profits, innovation from other businesses and, of course, enthusiastic faculty.

Expanding the Network

We are energized that, to date, faculty members from more than 35 institutions from across the country have joined us in this movement. In 2019, we will be expanding the Faculty Guild network to include an additional 500 faculty fellowships! 

Join the Teaching Success Movement today! For more information on partnering with Faculty Guild, please reach out here. (Follow us on Twitter, too.) We look forward to connecting with you!