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Faculty Guild Expands Online Learning Community Platform for Fall 2019 Academic Term

Since a big part of the Reflective Teaching Fellowship™ includes asynchronous communication, we spend a lot of time understanding how our fellows want to engage with one another in order to have the most productive and valuable professional development experience possible. For the fall 2019 academic term, we’re excited to introduce new functionality to our platform.

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How Faculty Fellow Sora Rosen Assesses Baseline Knowledge

The Baseline Knowledge Tag encourages Faculty Guild fellows to consider different ways to evaluate what students know at the beginning of the course, course segment or day’s lesson in order to create a baseline of student knowledge that can be compared against what students know at the end of the course, course segment or day’s lesson. 

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How Faculty Fellow Mike Riley Demonstrates Caring

The Caring Tag challenges Faculty Guild fellows to build personal connections with their students both inside and outside of the classroom. Sometimes, after several weeks into their fellowship, faculty will notice that they haven’t made use of the Caring Tag. “I’m surprised by this,” they’ll often say, “because I really care about my students.” 

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Shared Spaces and Aspirations

In my role at Faculty Guild, I am often asked about the design of our Teaching Circles. Are they arranged by discipline? Faculty experience level? Institutional type? What goes into creating a Teaching Circle that will work well? What we have learned is successful communities of practice don’t follow a set formula. While we do consider certain components, one differentiating and important part of our process is that we do not define where a person may fit into a circle simply looking at a few categorical variables. 

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In Their Own Words

In November, I had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with more than 50 of the fellows who were participating with Faculty Guild in the fall of 2018. I learned so much about their experiences, their challenges and their aspirations—far more than could fit in one blog post. So, I’d like to focus on a sampling of the responses they gave to one of my favorite questions: “What advice do you have for future fellows?”

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Reflections From a Fellow: A Look Back on My Faculty Guild Fellowship

During my Faculty Guild fellowship, I looked forward to meeting each week with other faculty from across the country, at different levels and types of institutions, who care about students the way I do. We would share, talk and engage in online discussions about what worked and what didn’t work in our recent lessons. The opportunity to get input from colleagues about what they might have done if they were me and in my situation was deeply encouraging, uplifting and thought-provoking. To have those same colleagues praise my work and plan to implement my instructional strategies into their practice was humbling and edifying. 

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Founding Fellows Complete a Year of Reflection and Collaboration with Faculty Guild

Last month, we were thrilled to acknowledge the founding group of Faculty Guild fellows that completed a year-long fellowship! Representing Immaculata University, Montgomery College and Towson University, the cohort included full-time faculty, part-time faculty and graduate students in a range of disciplines, including allied health, biology, chemistry, communications, computer science and English. 

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Our Greatest Hits from 2018

As we prepare for a new academic term, we’re reflecting on the ideas we highlighted on our blog in 2018. Our top five blog posts included a reminder about the value of storytelling, an interesting Q&A with Dr. Gail Mellow and perspectives from other thought leaders. 

These are the stories that our readers responded to, engaged with and shared. We are grateful to our contributors and our growing community as we work to build a Teaching Success Movement. 

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A Culture that Values Professional Development of Teaching and Learning 

Given that the mission of most colleges and universities is teaching and learning, one would assume a primary part of their culture would be professional development around teaching. But, teaching expertise has evolved to mean expertise in content – leaving pedagogy largely overlooked. Unless campus leaders and faculty developers recognize that the history of our campuses has backed in a culture that is not conducive to pedagogical development, then the endeavor can feel like ramming up against a brick wall.   

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Supporting Adjunct Faculty to Advance Student Success in Community Colleges

In 2016, Achieving the Dream, a non-profit student success organization, provided six colleges with funds and support to experiment with strategies to engage adjunct faculty in the service of improving outcomes for students. The Community College Research Center (CCRC) partnered with ATD to assess the effort. A new CCRC brief summarizes baseline research on faculty experiences at the six colleges and describes strategies the colleges are employing to address part-time faculty members’ needs. 

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BlogSusan Bickerstaff
Is Teaching Quality the Next Front for Education Investors?

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Over dinner, [Dr. Gail] Mellow told [David] Yaskin about the book she had co-written, Taking College Teaching Seriously, which described the methodology she and hundreds of colleagues had developed in tackling the subject as part of a project called Global Skills for College Completion.

For Yaskin, it was a lightbulb moment. After reading the first chapter, he says, “I realized this is what I’m going to spend the next decade doing.”

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Facilitator Notes: A Conversation with Lisa Levinson

Lisa Levinson is a facilitator with Faculty Guild. She has taught at the college and community college levels as both a full-time and adjunct faculty member. The following post captures some of her thoughts on a Faculty Guild fellowship. She provides great insight into which of the evidenced-based instructional practices she thinks faculty most commonly avoid and which ones they most intuitively understand.  

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Finding Impact Through Storytelling 

Nashville was buzzing with excitement last week at the third annual Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Innovate conference. I have been lucky enough to attend and present at OLC Innovate for all three years of its existence, and, once again, I have come away with a renewed understanding of the important impact that innovative practice and technology have in our conversations about student and faculty success.

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