Re-inventing Professional Development

The Faculty Guild provides the research-based, field-verified technique of Situated Learning.

How does it work?

The faculty member's weekly teaching drives their learning. They co-construct their curriculum with our expert facilitators. Faculty members collaborate weekly with a cohort of peers from other institutions. They reflect. They receive feedback from peers and the facilitator, including online video-based content. And they give feedback to others on their practice. This approach changes classroom behavior.

What are our Services?

We provide faculty and graduate students with a fellowship experience focused on improving their teaching.  Together, they create networks of similarly situated instructors helping one another, augmented and guided by weekly expert facilitation:

  • Part-time Faculty Network

  • New Faculty Network™

  • Graduate Student Network


  1. Totally online and asynchronous, work at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m.
  2. No implementation by the institution – we supply the expert facilitators, professional content, and software.
  3. Proof that it’s working through aggregated (not personally identifiable) dashboard and reports of pedagogies being used in your classrooms, week to week; actual data on teaching.
  4. Part-time faculty receive a stipend payment from the Faculty Guild for the time they invest in professional development.

Is there any evaluation of impact?

The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), acting as an evaluator for the research generating this approach, found that students taught by faculty using Situated Learning improved their persistence by 4.3 percent compared to a local benchmark.

Read the book on which our work is based.

Read the book on which our work is based.

Re-inventing Faculty Hiring

Of course, colleges and universities may engage their current faculty and teaching assistants with the Faculty Guild to grow their skills in teaching technique. However, if you are in the process of hiring part-time faculty or new full-time faculty, why not hire them with the knowledge and confidence they work weekly to become better at teaching?

Hire our members

The Faculty Guild offers for hire, with no hiring fees, employment-seeking members of the Part-time Faculty Network™ and Graduate Student Network™. As the hiring institution, you will sponsor the member(s) in a network that promotes the continual improvement of their teaching skills and techniques.


  1. User-friendly, searchable, regional databases of qualified part-time faculty or graduate students seeking employment.

  2. Faculty who have enthusiastically engaged in weekly professional development activities to continually improve their students’ outcomes. 

  3. Faculty with several years of teaching experience.

  4. Faculty screened for written and oral communication skills.


Part-time STEM & Business Faculty wanted

recruiting for Spring 2018 CLASSES in NYC, D.C., and Online

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