Problems We Solve

Classroom Complacency

The strong correlation between modern teaching techniques and improved student outcomes is not yet widely accepted. As a result, significantly improving professional development is not a top priority for most colleges and universities. 

We will provide data to show professional development makes a difference for your students. Learn more.

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Ineffective Professional Development

Most professional development at higher-ed institutions uses a “prescriptive” method (classes, seminars, and workshops) that is not extremely effective in changing faculty behavior in the classroom. 

Our method changes classroom behavior. Learn more.

[Learn about "prescriptive" vs. "emergent" professional development.] #research #stem #pd

Inadequate Data

Higher education has grown to accept problematic measures of good teaching:

  1. Good course evaluations don’t guarantee good teaching technique.
  2. Great teaching is situational, nuanced, and orchestrated over weeks or months. A one-hour classroom observation is just scratching the surface.
  3. Typical certifications show the faculty member understood the content, at that moment in time. It is by no means an indicator they use it regularly in class.

Our data is about what's actually happening in the classroom. Learn more.

Adjuncts: Little Time On Campus

Part-time contingent faculty are 50 percent of instructors in the United States. They teach many of the introductory classes; where their students haven’t yet academically and socially integrated. Yet part-timers can’t get to the teaching and learning centers on campus for professional development because of commitments at other colleges or their day jobs. Thus leaving these vulnerable students without the teaching techniques to maximize their success.

Our professional development can happen off campus, anytime via the Internet. Learn more.

[Great resources on contingent faculty.] #research #adjuncts #change-agent

    Murky Hiring

    Hiring faculty who use great teaching techniques is difficult without solid data from their past. Where do you go for faculty who are great at teaching?

    We connect you with faculty who use research-based teaching techniques, and we have the data to prove it. Learn more.

    Faculty Priority Overload

    Full-time faculty have significant conflicting priorities leading them away from time spent on improving their teaching techniques.

    Our part-time faculty members are committed to continually improving their teaching techniques. Learn more.

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